Turquoise Tassel  is a brand creating one of a kind products with a fine addition of hand embroidery details. 

The dream has started in 2015 as a non-profit project after meeting a lot of super talented, creative ladies who have had no work experience outside their daily house chores. Going through tough times with major financial problems, most of them did not have any support or very little support from their husbands for various reasons. 

With these ladies, we created the most colorful bags with materials that I have acquired from my previous trips to Hawaii, Tahiti, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Maldives, Africa, Bodrum over the years, without knowing where or how they were going to be used for. There was a lot of enthusiasm, love and joy during the preparations, turning the whole process into a sisterhood support journey for all of us. All of my family participated in some way, my daughter Ilgaz helped with color coordination, took pictures together with her brother Ata. My husband Yusuf was always supportive and all of my friends, sisters, relatives came to buy bags for themselves and as gifts. After 3 summers, I faced a challenge: my friends, relatives, and acquaintances already had enough bags but the team kept asking for work and we got super supportive comments from our users.

I sat down and said it would be so wonderful if we were able to expand and work with more ladies, giving them the chance to support their homes, seeing the importance of value added work and sharing what we produce with people from all over the world who appreciate hand made, exclusive merchandise. 

So, Turquoise Tassel was founded! I designed models, provided the materials and the talented team started to create their wonders. All of our products have been prepared with love, joy, excitement, hope, affection, and pride, extending these positive feelings to their ultimate users.