Who are we anyway? Meet the team who built the dream.

I believe everything happens for a reason. People in our path are not there because of coincidence, but because they are supposed to be there.

For example Heval whom I met through her brother-in-law who worked in our building is from Kars, Eastern Turkey. Quite dramatically her husband kills 3 of his own relatives over a nonsense discussion, gets 30 years jail sentence, leaving her with 6 young kids. To avoid a possible blood feud, her relatives bring her to a small neighbourhood in the outskirts of istanbul and try to give support with whatever they can spare from their already low salaries. Heval, due to her Kurdish background, was not even able to speak Turkish comfortably let alone get a job and work. With the Turquoise Tassel team, she does the most detailed hand embroidery, helps to create new models in the comfort of her home and is a proud survivor in a melting pot like Istanbul.

Fatma is another hero with 4 kids who has never worked outside of her home until after her husband died in a very short time after diagnosed with cancer. She is capable of working with intricate details in hand crochet, extremely talented and is happy to be a part of the team.

Our chief of the team is Necmiye with 3 beautiful kids. She is super talented, capable of designing, creating, arranging, all the works. When I met her, she was doing daily house cleaning for others. When she told me that two of her brothers are professors at the Department of Fine Arts of Hacettepe University in Ankara, I thought I must have misunderstood.

Today, after working with her for three years, I think it is very possible that she is even more talented than her professor siblings! She just did not get a chance to get a diploma of any sort, maybe because she is a she, maybe it was her destiny. Becoming friends and seeing her incredible talent and with my stack of materials, we started this project. After 3 summers and many beautiful products here we are; together in the Turquoise Tassel team, hard to say, privilege to use.

We have other team members, with eye opening stories, among whom we try to distribute work evenly. We supply them with the required materials and they finish the embroidery and other work in their homes. Then we start putting the pieces together like a mosaic in our atelier.